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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
 Title   Type 
Research Seminar - Lucy White Event
Personal Reflections on Quantitative Research in Economics by M. Hashem Pesaran Event
Research Seminar - A Theory of Income Smoothing When Insiders Know More Than Outsiders, by Bart Lambrecht Event
CF Weekly Workshop - Talk by Adrian Leonard Event
Finance and Accounting Lecture: Professor Robert Shiller from Yale University argues that Finance Can Be a Force for Good in These Tough Economic Times Event
Research Seminar - 'The Expertise of Mutual Fund Managers' by Werner deBondt Event
Research Seminar - Chen Lin, University of Hong Kong Event
CF Weekly Workshop - Talk by Professor Larry Neal Event
Reforming European and UK Financial Regulation Event
CF Student Lunch Event
Talk by Philip Coggan, Finance Editor at The Economist Event
CF Weekly Workshop - The Impact of Jumps and Thin Trading on Realised Hedge Ratios, by Lyudmyla Hvozdyk Event
CF Weekly Workshop - How Does A Firm’s Default Risk Affect Its Expected Equity Return?, by Kevin Aretz Event
Division F Financial Modelling Group Inaugural Talk Event
CF Weekly Workshop - Capital in the Business Cycle: Renting versus Ownership, by Gabor Pinter Event
CF Weekly Workshop - Teemu Pennanen Event
Professor Andrew Karolyi - The role of regulation in cross-border bank acquisitions: Is it really a ‘race to the bottom’? Event
CF Student Lunch Event
Expansionary Fiscal Contraction Event
CF Weekly Workshop - Jean-Baptiste Gosse Event