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Real Estate Finance

Part of the Department of Land Economy, the Real Estate Finance is committed to the integration of theory and practice in real estate finance and investment.  It undertakes fundamental research into real estate asset pricing and risk analysis that is relevant to the commercial real estate industry, banks and institutional investors.

The research interests of the group members include mortgage finance, securitisation of commercial loan portfolios, credit risk analysis and pricing credit risk derivatives, property taxation and urban land development. The research interests of the group are closely related to the Masters Programme in Real Estate Finance in the Department of Land Economy.

The Cambridge Real Estate Research Centre was formed in 2013 to respond to the expanding national and international research agenda in real estate and to bridge the gap between academic theory and commercial practice in the sector. The Centre is one of the dedicated research centres at Cambridge University and contributes to the world class status of research at the University. We are a non‐ profit making organisation with any surpluses used to support further research and education in the Centre and the Department.

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