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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
 Title   Type 
How Do Informational Frictions Affect the Firm's Choice of Asset Liquidity? The Effect of SOX Section 404 Event
Speaker Event: Mr. Rory Sutherland (TED Speaker and Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group) Event
St Catharine's Political Economy Seminars: Terry Barker Event
National Innovation Systems and the External Constraint on Growth: A Theoretical Approach with Empirical Evidence: Marco Flavio da Cunha Resende Event
CF Workshop - by Ivano Cardinale & Roberto Scazzieri - "Structural liquidity: Time coordination of economic activities and sectoral interdependence" Event
Financial History Seminar Series - "Of Rules and Exceptions: Financing a Modern Steel Industry in the United States, 1865-1888" Event
F&A seminar - Saurin Patel, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University Event
F&A seminar - David Chambers (CJBS) Event
Cambridge Research Seminar in Political Economy Event
CF Workshop - by Professor Andrew Karolyi - "Regulatory arbitrage and cross-border bank acquisitions" Event
Financial History Seminar Series - The formative years of a modern corporation: the Dutch East India Company, 1602-1623 Event
F&A seminar - Amil Dasgupta (LSE) Event
Cambridge Finance Student Lunch Event
Hunting Down the Black Swan: Correlation, contagion and endogenous risk in financial markets by Professor Rama Cont Imperial College London Event
CF Weekly Workshop - by Ranadeva Jasasekera and Dr Gerhard King - 'A general theory of the firm' Event
CF Weekly Workshop - by Mike Joyce, Bank of England - Quantitative easing in the UK: evidence from financial markets on QE1 and QE2 Event
Land Economy Seminar Series Event
CF Weekly Workshop - by Xuan Tam - Bankruptcy and Delinquency in a Model of Unsecured Debt Event
CF Weekly Workshop - by Professor Alexander Lipton - Asymptotics for Exponential Lévy Processes and their Volatility Smile: Survey and New Results Event
Cambridge-CGIR Corporate Governance Conference: National Governance Bundles Event