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Past Events

Events which have already happened.
 Title   Type 
CF Workshop - TBA Event
CF Workshop - TBA Event
The 9th Annual Cambridge-Princeton Conference Event
F&A Seminar Easter Term: "To Be Confirmed" by Raza Karapandza Event
Finance & Accounting Group Seminar Series (in association with CCGN): "Managers' Pay Duration and Voluntary Disclosures" by Professor Qiang Cheng, Singapore Management University Event
Visiting Academic Seminar: Professor Stewart Myers (MIT) - The Dynamics Of Investment, Payout and Debt Event
CF Student Lunch Event
Finance & Accounting Group Seminar: "Short-Term Shareholders, Bubbles and CEO Myopia" by John Thanassoulis, University of Oxford Event
Financial History Seminar Series - "Predicting the Past: Understanding the Causes of Bank Distress in the Netherlands in the 1920s" Event
CF Workshop - What Have Physicists Accomplished in Economics? with Doyne Farmer Event
F&A Seminars Easter Term: "To Be Confirmed" by Mathijs van Dijk Event
F&A Seminars Easter Term: "To be Confirmed" by Miguel Ferreira Event
Financial History Seminar Series - "The Disappearing Equity Risk Premium on the 1920s NYSE" Event
Wharton, DSF-TI and Cambridge Finance Annual Research and Policy Meeting Event
CF Workshop - No good deals - no bad models, by John Crosby Event
Financial History Seminar: The Pricing Revolution in Marine Insurance, 1600-1824 by Adrian Leonard Event
Finance & Accounting Subject Group Seminar: Debt Maturity and the Liquidity of Secondary Debt Markets by Max Bruche Event
Cambridge-Inet Seminar: Strategic Liquidity Provision in Limit Order Markets by Schmuel Baruch Event
Cambridge-Inet Seminar: Flickering Quotes by Schmuel Baruch Event
Methods Forum - Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling by Hans Baumgartner Event