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Cambridge Finance Seminar - Woo Chang Kim

When May 08, 2014
from 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM
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Cambridge Finance Seminar


Thursday May 8 2014

Barbara White Room, Newnham College



Woo Chang Kim

Assistant Professor,

ISysE, KAIST Visiting Fellow, ORFE, Princeton University


Understanding Robust Portfolios


Robust portfolio optimization has been developed to resolve the high sensitivity to inputs of the

Markowitz mean-variance model. The main idea is to introduce an uncertainty set for the model

parameters, and to obtain the portfolio with worst-case optimization approach. Although much effort has

been put into forming robust portfolios, there have not been many attempts to analyze the characteristics

of portfolios formed from robust optimization. In this presentation, we discuss the recent finding on the

qualitative characteristics of the robust portfolios. More specifically, there are three main questions to be


1) Is robust portfolio really robust?

2) Robust portfolio is different from traditional mean-variance portfolio. Is there any consistent

pattern in regard to this qualitative difference in two portfolios?

3) If robust portfolio is consistently different from traditional mean-variance portfolio, is it possible

to reduce the difference without losing the robustness?


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